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Welcome to Until There Was Me™, The Podcast

Expert interviews, real stories, and actionable advice to help you optimize the most important relationship available to you in this world, the one you have with yourself.  Join me and my guests every week as we teach you how to write the beautiful self-love story that reads, until there was me.  

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Podcast Episode 028: Finding Your Voice in the Divorce Process with Kimberly Cook Esq.

The divorce process is an exhausting, distressing, and painful journey. Emotions can get overwhelming and then there comes the logistics part of the process. It’s no surprise then, that families start losing themselves in the process.


Podcast Episode 027: Do Your Good: Concrete Steps and Strategies to Create the Difference You Want to See with Sybil Ackerman Munson

Being wealthy comes with the privilege of giving back to the community. But what if we don’t have that foundation yet? After their divorce, Sybil Ackerman Munson had to learn how to get back on her feet and manage her finances.


Podcast Episode 026: How to Own Your Choices and be the Boss of Your Financial Assets with Barbara Best

Financial conflicts belong to the top five reasons for divorce. Sadly this conflict stays even until post-divorce. It’s not that women are incapable of handling money matters, but because they’ve been left out of the money conversation for so long.


Podcast Episode 025: How to Future Proof and Adapt to Hybrid Working Environment with Angela Howard

Rapid change of work routine and adapting  to a different workplace environment can be stressful but it is still possible to build a healthy and happier workplace. In this episode, Andrea and Angela Howard share how an organization can adapt to a hybrid working environment.


Podcast Episode 024: How to Live a Life that Lights You Up with Debra Lee May

Is this all that a woman amounts to? A woman, from a stereotypic point of view, is supposed to stay at home and take care of the family. But along this process, her self-identity is gradually lost. She begins to forget that she was once this passionate and confident woman who had dreams and goals in life.


Podcast Episode 023: Own Your Potential with Diane Allen

“I feel empty.” “I feel exhausted.” “I lack motivation.” --These sentiments illustrate how it feels to deviate from flow. Unfortunately, these feelings are common because of the way we were conditioned.


Podcast Episode 022: You Are Free to Use Your Voice with Amber Powers

Sometimes, healing is more painful than the wound itself. There are things we have to sacrifice, and people we have to let go of. But until we truly heal, our pain will keep sabotaging our relationships and everything we hold dear.


Podcast Episode 021: From Heartbreak to a Healthy Relationship with Carrie Jeroslow

Sometimes, we forget that we are already whole. When we enter into a relationship with the expectation that the other person will complete us, we are setting ourselves for a major heartbreak.


Podcast Episode 020: See Your Inner Power with Melissa Jones 

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and asked yourself, “Who are you?” We all have a period in our lives where we feel too disconnected from ourselves. If you’re feeling lost, maybe it’s time to hit that reset button.


Podcast Episode 019: How Body Language Can Help You in Life and in Your Relationship with Blanca Cobb

Sometimes, we wish we could understand what the other person really thinks or feels. If only we could hear someone’s thoughts, then relationships might be easier. But we don’t have that superpower, nor is there a tech that can. Thankfully, humans have discovered the science of body language!


Podcast Episode 018: Manifest and Relish the Impossible with Victoria Rader

Did you know? Merely 7% of our mind is accountable for our conscious thoughts. The remaining 93% are feelings based on where we focus that 7%. So, if you have ever asked yourself, “What were you thinking?!", that's where it’s coming from. This week, we will hack into this amazing phenomenon and leverage it to manifest the impossibles with Yu2Shine Founder, Victoria Rader.


Podcast Episode 017: Win the Manifestation Game- Be a Healthy Wealthy Woman with Christy Primmer

Showing up for yourself is non-negotiable. In this episode, Andrea and Self-care Junkie Christy Primmer share their own personal development strategies. Christy also lets us in on some chapters and angles of self-care from her book, Confessions of a Self-Care Junkie.


Podcast Episode 016: Overcome the Burnout Life; Regain Your Sense of Joy with Dr. Kate Steiner

Burnout is a human condition. But somehow, this condition has evolved into a ginormous adversary that sucks the joy and motivation out of our lives. Listen in as  Andrea interviews Burnout author and founder of Lift Wellness Consulting, Dr. Kate Steiner.


Podcast Episode 015: Craft Your Comeback with Progress and Prosperity! with Leah Simon

Self-care is as overwhelming as it is challenging. Most of us barely have time for ourselves because of constantly juggling between our job and taking care of our family. And it’s not only about getting enough sleep but our overall well-being that is at stake.


Podcast Episode 014: Stop Competing With Yourself, Get in Touch with Your Happiness with Michelle Dempsey-Multack MS, CDS

“I don’t know who I am anymore.” is the worst realization we can have. Yet, many people end up in that space after a failed relationship. In this episode, Andrea and Michelle Dempsey-Multack share “Moving On and Reconnecting with Yourself” ideas you must try!


Podcast Episode 013: How to Live a Balanced, Vibrant Life with Salim Uqdah

Racism, equality, exclusion, and other social issues plague the world. And the people who refuse to conform to society's "acceptable" standard experience the worst possible treatment they can get. But is this the world we dream to live in? Certainly not! Join Andrea and Salim Uqdah, Owner of Uroboros Mediations, in a profound conversation about community, culture, inclusion, and relationships.


Podcast Episode 012: How to Look Divinely Fabulous! with Lora LaPratt

“I have nothing to wear.” -- If you have uttered such words (like most of us have), this episode is for you! We dress for various reasons, but most importantly because it’s how we present ourselves to the outside world.


Podcast Episode 011: One Heart, Two Homes- Co-Parenting Tools and Tips to Help Your Kids Live a Successful Childhood with Tammy Bennett Daughtry

The main idea behind co-parenting is to create a stable environment as active participants in a child’s life despite an unsuccessful marriage. This is especially hard when you have to cooperate with someone you would rather forget. There are decisions to be made, differing opinions about child-rearing, interaction at hand-offs, and all the drama and emotional turmoil that come with it.


Podcast Episode 010: Give Yourself a Second Chance at Life, Love, and Career with Lisa Kay 

Being able to regain momentum in life after a divorce is a long, arduous journey to take. Sometimes, we may even drown in the illusion that we’re back on track. Lisa Kay has been trying to live her life like normal after the divorce until she got laid off from the job she kept for years.


Podcast Episode 009: Win the Battle Against Domestic Violence with Katherine Gaughan-Palombi

Reports of domestic violence and sexual assault have dramatically increased on a global scale since the pandemic. Hence, there is an urgent need to address this problem. In this episode, Katherine Palombi talks about the legal side of domestic violence, the less identified signs of abuse, common reasons why people choose to stay in abusive relationships, and what can be done to address it.


Podcast Episode 008: Mediation- a Compelling Option Through a Divorce Process with Ellen Feldman 

Finding better outcomes through the divorce process is what every person involved might ask for. Undergoing divorce will greatly impact everyone involved financially and emotionally. In such cases, mediation becomes an ideal option to minimize the impact of divorce, resolve disputes between parties, and help the judicial system in general.