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Welcome to Until There Was Me™, The Podcast

Expert interviews, real stories, and actionable advice to help you optimize the most important relationship available to you in this world, the one you have with yourself.  Join me and my guests every week as we teach you how to write the beautiful self-love story that reads, until there was me.  

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Podcast Episode 011: One Heart, Two Homes- Co-Parenting Tools and Tips to Help Your Kids Live a Successful Childhood with Tammy Bennett Daughtry

The main idea behind co-parenting is to create a stable environment as active participants in a child’s life despite an unsuccessful marriage. This is especially hard when you have to cooperate with someone you would rather forget. There are decisions to be made, differing opinions about child-rearing, interaction at hand-offs, and all the drama and emotional turmoil that come with it.


Podcast Episode 010: Give Yourself a Second Chance at Life, Love, and Career with Lisa Kay 

Being able to regain momentum in life after a divorce is a long, arduous journey to take. Sometimes, we may even drown in the illusion that we’re back on track. Lisa Kay has been trying to live her life like normal after the divorce until she got laid off from the job she kept for years.


Podcast Episode 009: Win the Battle Against Domestic Violence with Katherine Gaughan-Palombi

Reports of domestic violence and sexual assault have dramatically increased on a global scale since the pandemic. Hence, there is an urgent need to address this problem. In this episode, Katherine Palombi talks about the legal side of domestic violence, the less identified signs of abuse, common reasons why people choose to stay in abusive relationships, and what can be done to address it.


Podcast Episode 008: Mediation- a Compelling Option Through a Divorce Process with Ellen Feldman 

Finding better outcomes through the divorce process is what every person involved might ask for. Undergoing divorce will greatly impact everyone involved financially and emotionally. In such cases, mediation becomes an ideal option to minimize the impact of divorce, resolve disputes between parties, and help the judicial system in general.


Podcast Episode 007: Dating After Divorce- How to Know When You Are Ready with Andrea Rappaport

Andrea Rappaport is a bubbly, confident woman. But behind her ability to make people laugh in an instant, this gorgeous woman lived a story far from Cinderella's. She was in an unhealthy marriage and was getting used to unhappiness until she knew she already had enough of it.


Podcast Episode 006: How to Successfully Get Through the Best Worst Time of Your Life with Andrea Hipps

It’s been 10 years since her divorce, and Andrea Hipps has become the authority on building beautiful two-address families.  Andrea is a trusted CDC© Certified Divorce Coach.  In this episode, Andrea talks about her best-selling book,  The Best Worst Time of Your Life, and how you can uncover your best self and recover after all the trauma of divorce.


Podcast Episode 005: How to Get Over the Guilt of Divorce and Rebuild Your Life with Christine Carr

Guilt and its accompanying emotions are part of the divorce process. But for some, the intensity of negative emotions becomes so overwhelming, especially to the one who chooses to leave the marriage first. Christine Carr, the Founder of Monkey Mind Chicago and host of She's On Top, personally experienced how devastating this can be.


Podcast Episode 004: The Key to a Healthy Relationship With Your Ex with Dan Faill 

What if hurt feelings and animosity still linger? In this episode, International Speaker and Life Coach, Dan Faill talks about how he and his ex-wife/"Spouse Emeritus" were able to show up as better persons and as dependable role models for their children post-divorce.


Podcast Episode 003: Walk the Path to Financial Freedom After Divorce with Lisa Williams

Most of the time, a woman's income is greatly reduced after a divorce. Play as your own money detective, understand your cash flow, know where to begin in building your financial future, find ways to generate passive income, attain financial peace, and teach your children to do the same as Wealth Mentor and Business Builder, Lisa Williams teaches how you can take back control of your finances.


Podcast Episode Episode 002: Find Your Tribe! with Daniel Herrold

Discover the healing power of a community with our first-ever guest, Daniel Herrold, one of the co-founders of Divorced Over Forty. Daniel shares how a simple backyard cookout with friends turned into a valuable support center for many individuals across several countries.


 Podcast Episode 001: Introducing Until There Was Me™, the Podcast

Andrea Javor introduces the Until There Was Me™, The Podcast.  Join Andrea and her guests every week as they teach you how to write the beautiful self-love story that reads, until there was me.


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